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"We have used Inetzeal's Directory Submissions DS-500 package. We have found this Directory Submissions package to be of excellent value. The SEO value of links is well known and it has helped our sites achieve much improved rankings. We have found the guys are very easy to deal with and quick to respond to any questions we may have. I would certainly recommend them! -

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Website & Blog Development Service

Get your professionally designed website & blog today!

Create and maintain professionally designed websites and blogs, which are tailor-made for your individual wants and needs.

Every business should require its own personal website. The Internet is about to arrive at its 100th million .com registration in the not so distant future. With this in mind, it is clear that one can't ignore the necessity of being online. If you don't currently have a website, the chances are, you're losing many potential customers and clients.

How is our service different than that of our competitors?

There are plenty of free and paid for DIY tools and software available on the Internet, which allow you to create a free website with just a few clicks. Nevertheless, our service is unique. Usually, those tools used to create free websites are not suitable for professional websites, as they bring about limitations. You cannot gain the necessary design features sought after, as you usually have to select from pre-determined design templates only.

Our website development service includes custom designed websites, SEO-friendly coding, as well as unique and original content, which is written exclusively for your website. In addition, you can further opt for advanced services, such as a custom designed and integrated blog package, Facebook/Twitter page implementation & integration, as well as frequent content updates/addition.

In other words, it is not solely a web design service, but rather a "complete website development service!" whereby we can see to all requirements and provide you with a professionally designed, maintained as well as integrated website.

Benefits of our Website Development Service

  • Tailor-made as per your requirements. Strictly no pre-determined templates.

  • Custom coded. SEO-friendly web coding.

  • Individualised & SEO-friendly content. Exclusively written for your site.

  • Optional maintenance packages. Maintain a site that is up-to-date!

  • Optional Wordpress-powered blog development, content creation for blog and integration with your design specification.

  • Cross browser compatible guarantee.

  • Optional integration of social networking sites.

  • Ready to upload websites!

  • The use of high-quality stock images.

  • 24/7 technical support via email and tickets.

  • Optional Google analytics, webmaster tools integration assistance.

  • Personalised support. No one size will fit all formula!

Who can make use of our service?

  • Newcomers who don't have knowledge of creating websites and HTML.

  • Any person/business, who knows that having a website is paramount, yet doesn't have the time to develop one.

  • Anyone who doesn't want the hassle of creating a site, as well as designing and maintaining content, etc.

  • Those who have websites but whose sites are unprofessionally designed. They can have their website revamped using our service.

Website Development Packages

Service Details Personal Startup Business Enterprise
No. of Static Pages 5 10 15 25
Allowed Design Revisions 3 5 7 10
No. of Content Pages Writing 5 10 15 25
High Quality Stock Images Yes Yes Yes Yes
Custom Design Yes Yes Yes Yes
SEO Friendly Code Yes Yes Yes Yes
SPAM protected contact forms Yes Yes Yes Yes
Exclusive Content Yes Yes Yes Yes
Blog Setup No Yes Yes Yes
Blog Plugin Setup No No Yes Yes
Blog Theme Integration No No No Yes
Free Press Release Distribution No No No 1
Free Directory Submissions No 250 500 1000
Free Social Bookmarks No 100 200 400
Site build time 2 Weeks 3 Weeks 3-4 Weeks 4 Weeks
    Price $499 $799 $999 $1549
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FAQs About Our Service

Q. I am not completely happy with the design, now what?
A. We would require you to provide us with as much information and samples as possible, while submitting your order. We will build your website according to the samples, examples and instructions you have provided. However, if you're still not satisfied with the design, we will allow you up to ten design revisions in the existing design. No. of design revisions depends on package you select.

Q. How can I upload it on my hosting/server?
A. If you are not sure how to upload it on to your server, you can provide us with your server information. Our tech team will upload the files on your server absolutely FREE.

Q. What information do I need to give you?
A. Before you submit any information about your website design, features and content requirements, please browse various websites and choose what type of design you're looking for. Also, please collect as much information as you can so that the whole process is a hassle-free experience for you. This is advised.

(1) We need your detailed instructions about your site design, which includes your header, footer, sidebar, content bar designs, color schemes, navigation, design, etc., along with any design samples you may have.

(2) We also need your information about content creation, which may include company information, company logos in supported formats, product and service information, photographs, videos, physical address, etc. We will take care of everything which is required for your website.

Q. Will my customers be aware of your service? Can I resell your services?
A. Yes, you can definitely sell our service. We are 100% a white label company. Your customers will never know about our service. Once we have finished your website, all control and management, including email enquiries, will be your responsibility.

Q. I don't have a logo. Can you create one for my website?
A. Designing logos is not part of our package deal. However, you can opt for it separately. We can further design a website without using logos at all.

Q. When will you deliver my website once I have submitted the order?
A. We usually submit the entire site within 2-4 weeks of your order. However, if you request multiple revisions in content and design, it may take a little longer to complete your project.

Q. What if I want to set up an e-Commerce store? Is your service ideal for me?
A. We currently offer simple html websites only. Nevertheless, if you want to set up e-Commerce stores, please get in contact for a custom quote.

Have more questions? Check our Knowledgebase section to find more.

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